1. Cosmic rays in the heliosphere: spatial and time variability
  2. Cosmic ray effects in the atmosphere
  3. GLE analysis
  4. Space weather research and services based on ground-based cosmic ray instrumentation
  5. Neutron detector instrumentation
  6. Neutron detector response functions
  7. Long-term stability of neutron monitors
  8. Databases and catalogues

Oral contributions

The oral sessions will be held as webinar. We will send you the address to connect.

The presentations must be uploaded as a pdf file, see under

It will be possible to test the webinar system which is used for the NMDB symposium in advance. For deadline see below. Contact: reg@nmdb.eu

Poster contributions

As the “posters” will be distributed as pdf-files, it makes sense that the paper size of your poster is A4 and not A0. Orientation: Landscape. The text should be short. A maximum of 5 pages is advised. It will be possible to introduce the posters by a short oral presentation during the oral sessions.
For the poster submission, use the following link:


Proceedings of the meeting are planned to be published online by the University of Kiel library. This is part of a pilot project, and at the present state the publisher handles only Open Document Format (ODF) and word (doc, docx). We therefore ask the authors to use one of these formats.

Letter of intent

Prospective authors are invited to submit a letter of intent with one of the following statements, as appropriate:

  1. I plan to submit an article, together with the questions asked by the audience and my answers.
  2. I intend to publish only the abstract of my contribution, together with the questions asked by the audience and my answers.

The questions asked by the audience during the sessions are available on the password-protected web page http://conf2020.nmdb.eu/q (same login credentials as for downloading posters and presentations)

Letter of intent must be sent to ludwig.klein@obspm.fr until 08 August 2020.


Templates for proceedings:

The file name of the manuscript has to be selected as specified in the template files.

The manuscript must be uploaded to:
until 30 September 2020.

The submitted manuscripts will be screened by the organising committee for consistency with the subject of the conference and the actual presentation, as well as for matching the required format. Manuscripts not fulfilling these criteria may be rejected or returned to the authors for revision.